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Up Date; All classes are currently going through a make over. We have already begun production. However all classes posted here will have the same information. The new classes will have improved audio and video.

This sample module illustrates the Certified SAG® class format. It is designed to help you understand why it is important to have trained SAG driver on your routes. If you are a Ride Director for an Organization or Club, contact [email protected] for bulk pricing, to train your staff and volunteers. Even skilled SAG drivers, Bike Shop employees and avid cyclists can make critical errors thinking they are doing something safe when actually they are putting cyclists and others in danger.

Free SAG Tip to show an example of what is covered in our class.

If you’re doing a Direct Follow (DF) and you think it’s safe in protecting the cyclists ahead of you, please think again after reading this.

A lot can happen in 1 second. A car and bike travels almost 30 feet per second at 20 mph. The reaction time to stop is 1.5 seconds or 44 feet, that’s before the brakes are applied. In perfect conditions it takes a car 20 feet to stop. With reaction time, at best, it will take a car to make a complete stop in 64 feet. That comes to just over 4 car lengths.

So if you think it would be better for you to get hit from behind than the cyclists. Let’s rethink this. So a car hits you while traveling at 20 mph. The other car hits you is probably speeding since they didn’t see you in the first place. Now I’m no Physicist or Rocket Scientist, but a car or truck hitting you from behind will push you forward at a greater speed, causing you to push harder on the gas. This will likely push you into the cyclists before you can react to stepping on the brake.

This is why I feel it is best to pull over way in advance so that the traffic behind you sees you first and far enough not to distract the traffic from seeing the cyclists ahead.

My theory, if you were to blow the horn with a speeding car passing you, may cause them to look at you instead of looking ahead of where they are going. Then that could possibly be used against you if something bad did happen.

Remember in doing a DF will prevent traffic from seeing the cyclists ahead of you. This will make it harder for traffic to pass safely.

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Dave Lancaster
Dave Lancaster

Dave Lancaster is the founder of Bike SAG, a professional SAG Wagon Service. Since 2010, “Bike SAG Dave” has supported over 1,000 days of cycling events throughout the USA. For over twelve years prior to formalizing Bike SAG, Dave volunteered as a SAG driver at local charity cycling events. He also managed bike shops. Dave is eager to share his experience, with the goal of making cycling events safer and beneficial for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an experienced SAG driver, why do I need to take a class?
Without the proper training; many experienced SAG Drivers, Avid Cyclists and Bike Shop Employees can make critical errors putting others at risk. What we think is safe may actually be just the opposite. If you have been performing a practice one way for years and nothing has happened, doesn't mean it's safe. It only takes that one rare moment for it to go all wrong. After all you may learn a trick or two on making your duties easier and more efficient.
As an Event Director, will these classes help lower our insurance?
We are in contact with Insurance Companies and working on this. We will keep you informed as we make progress.
After taking any of the classes will I become certified?
We can verify that you have completed the classes that you enrolled in. Only after a cleared background checks and meeting our qualifications, then we will consider you as a Certified SAG®. To move up the ranks it will require live training classes that can't be done over the internet.

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